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Punta del Diablo

sunny 28 °C

We came.
We swam.
We ran.
We lay on the beach.
We swam.
I got sunburned.
We left.
I peeled.
(And by now I have fully healed :)


I was thinking I might let the photos speak for themselves, but uploading them I realized that most of the photos I took we're with my camera (so I can't post them here)
Well. We had an amazing time in Uruguay and punts del diablo. Asia and I got up for the sunrise one day (beautiful!) then went running and then lay on the beach ALL DAY (yes, me too, and I am very proud of myself!)
Basically that is what we spent every day doing.
The only downpoint was when I, despite the mucho grande use of sunscreen (SPF 30) got a bad sunburn on the top of my stomach :(
Every evening we would eat delicious fresh, grilled fish and share wine or beer.
I have also for the first time in my life gone to the bathroom at the same time as taking a shower (one must be a tourist and try all the utilities..?)

Then we took a nightbus and boat back to BA where Linnea was waiting for us!! Yay!!

I will continue updating as soon as I've had a jump in the pool as I'm melting away here :)


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sunny 25 °C

Last night it finally, finally, finally started raining. Well, I suppose the rain itself didn't really matter much for the temperature as the gigantic thunderstorm that went with it. We all stood and watched the sky in our courtyard get lit up by the lightning as (what seemed) a continuos roll of thunder swept through the air. I love lightningstorms, and this was amazing. I just wish we had been higher up so as to be able to get a better look :)

This past week we have had a great time exploring buenos aires' nightlife. On Wednesday we went to a club where a group of drummers were performing. There were about 15 of them, all in different rhythmic instruments and they would take turns directing. I've never before dansed to only drums - I was amazed at how "musical" of an experiance it was, and over the fact that I didn't tire of it. Dancing to that music in the sweaty midst of all the other people in the club, I almost felt like I was a part if the huge, grungy dance-scene in matrix reloaded where thousands of people are dancing in a giant cave and the atmosphere is electric. Did I say it was awesome? ;)

Thursday night brought a quite different experience with it. After having some of the best sushi of my life (talk about unexpected!) we went to a club where the theme of the night was a burlesque/transvestite/drag-show. As the night wore on it got more and mor kinky and out if control and at about 4 am (still early on argentine-time) we felt like we had had enough and went home. We were also a bit tired from having been out until 4.30 am the night before :)

Today is Saturday, there is a market in an old part if town called Recolleta, and we just finished having my favorite kind of breakfast with coffee, lots if fresh fruit and warm medialunas (croissants).
I love it here!


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Cross-fit in the park!!


Man are we going through water fast!! Could it be 1. The heat (there are two temperatures per day, one is the actual thermometer-temp and the other is what temp it FEELS like because it is sooo humid.. Today's hottest temperature was acurately 86F but felt 93F. And today was NOT a hot day :) ) 2. Because we are actually working out! We have a couple of parks and lakes nearby that we have been running in, and today we went to a crossfit training in one if the parks. It was amazing, hot, sweaty and SO much fun. I never thought I would say that about crossfit :) the motivation and joy if this particular class is owed in large to the teacher, Luke, an Australian guy living in BA. He is really sparkly, makes everyone have a good time, laugh, learn each others names while kicking our buts and making us sweat like pigs.


Tonight we are going first to a language-cafe, where people go to excercise their English or Spanish (or Finnish, what do I know :) )

Oh-oh, the shower is open, gotta go!

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sunny 35 °C

180_4212F2352219AC68172FA666F147AC4B.jpg180_4219832D2219AC6817ED681C6D63FC78.jpg180_42212F8E2219AC68170CD839EA5A0FC9.jpglarge_422A1FE02219AC6817B1C5065D7C0C98.jpgI think I'm going to try for a "less is more" approach to this blog. More frequent but shorter posts so that my busy friends can still feel like they have time to pop in for a look ;) I am sorry to say that patience with reading blog posts and such when I'm at home is not always my strong side, I skim through and look at pictures. I have finally learned how to insert pictures into the posts, although as you've probably noticed, I haven't got it quite figured out.

Last night I went to bed SUPER early but when I woke up at 8 after 12 hours if sleep I felt better. Still hot, though. (Surprise).

After lying in bed, reading Asia's blog post from yesterday (highly recommended!) I went to the bakery at 10 to get breakfast. See pictures below! At the moment we are sitting in the outside "courtyard" of the house (see picture in an earlier blog post) enjoying an amazing spread if what this city has to offer.

I love buenos aires!!

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Today the heat got to me

sunny 37 °C

At home I get hot coffee to go and have to wait for it to cool before I can drink it.
Here, I get fresh-squeezed juice to go and have to wait for it to cool before drinking ;) It's interesting how something can be the same and completely different at once. It's interesting how many combinations if fruits there are and that they all taste so amazing.

Yes, I definitely wilted today. Early bedtime with the fan on and music playing. Hoping for some cooler weather tomorrow. Or a little more breeze. Or a little less humidity. Or all of them :)

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