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I'm writing this after an amazing dinner and a strawberry daiquiri so.. Forgive me any accidental typos :) I guess when I left off we had just been in a car accident (don't get your hopes up, Jenny, I feel like ambulance-rides are more of a once-in-a-lifetime than once-in-a-continent experiance, so hopefully it won't happen again). We continued our taxi-journey to the place where Asia's friend Patrick lives an we would be able to rent a room. The landlord (Jorje) was home, showed us around and turned out to be a really nice guy :)
We spent that first day walking around BA, drinking fresh-made juice (they actually make it after you order it..!) and sweating (it was EXTREMELY hot). Also, I'm a bit embarrassed to say, I fell asleep at 20:00. However, now I'm a bit proud of the fact. Asia slept for 15 hours straight, though, so I had to see myself "defeated" (which is totally fine).

Anyway, the next day was spent walking around BA, eating great food, finding a lake and a park, trying to get to the Atlantic coast and being rudely interrupted by a large highway. Hrmph.

In the evening we went tango-dancing!! I (who loves to dance) was thrilled to dance a lot and get helpful tips on how to perform. However, I've since learned that most of my suitors were not attracted by my actual dancing skills. Well. That swells my confidence (not). So, I guess I still can't dance the tango. Oh, well (Argentina and Finland = not the majority of the planet). So I'm no good at tango (but I might learn).

Sleeping late the next day, we RAN around the lake we had seen (Asia, of course, ran further) and then met Patrick at a park, got a pizza which we ate at the park (it was a great pick-nick). I tried walking on a slack-line, it was FUN! and I figure I'll only need a couple of hours of practice every day for a week and then I'll be able to stand on it! Cool!!1!!!11! ^^

So. Here we are the day after (or night/morning). We've been to a wonderful restaurant, had great meals and drinks, and then come home to keep talking and having a great time.

I'm also happy to announce that I neither have warts on my toes or lice in my armpits. (Yes, I have a signature confirming the fact).
(Honestly, I'm a bit confused as to why, when they're at it, they didn't check for lice in more private parts. Maybe they assumed everyone is shaved).
This detailed procedure (I have spared you the details) was all part of gaining entry to a swimming/pool area in town) where we have spent a large part of the day not (!) getting sunburned (hooray for sunscreen and shade!).
I still love fresh smoothies/juice and coffee.

I also L.O.V.E. Buenos Aires. I feel solarge_90_IMG_0053.jpg180_IMG_0046.jpg90_image.jpg90_IMG_0053.jpg90_155898DB2219AC681712A006913C4861.jpg180_156DEFC32219AC6817C0B6FF7AA147D9.jpg content. Happy. At home.
Yup :)

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Buenos Aires!

sunny 35 °C

We're here. Life is good.

Over and out.

No, just kidding :)

The flight went smoothly, the food was good (!) (except for the "English breakfast".. I will never understand the meaning if baked beans in tomato sauce) and I nearly didn't through security in BA because I didn't know the address of where we're staying. Funny, the same thing happened in Minnesota in September, you'd think I'd have learned.. What's this obsession with addresses anyway? I might as well have googled a hostel anywhere, or even just any street. (Which I obviously hadn't. Remind me never to try to get into a country illegally, I don't think I'm cut out for it.)

Got my luggage, and you have to scan your bags on the way OUT of the airport.. I don't get it but at least I got through (actually, remind me never to work at an airport at all). They also didn't even ask for the piece of customs-paper that we all had to fill out in the plane.. Guess I'll keep it as a souvenir ;)

Anyway FINALLY I got out of there and saw a beautiful, smiling face that made me so happy!! Asia!! (Fancy that, both of us just happening to travel to BA at the same time.. ;) ).
She had our address-to-be and we got a cab from an office inside the airport, paying in advance, which felt really safe. Until about five minutes later when our taxi crashed into another car on the way out if the airport. After a few minutes of yelling back and forth (apparently nobody thought it was their fault. Surprise.) we were on our way again. It's nice to get the whole car-accident thing of our bucket list, now we feel much safer since we've already done it (and therefore won't do it again).

Who would have though a person could write this much about just arriving?
I think I'll give you some breathing space and update our adventures of actually being in BA later :)


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Goodbye Snow! See you next winter!

So here I am. The train for Stockholm and Arlanda left Gothenburg about 20 min ago. My morning was spent printing boarding passes, packing last-minute stuff, running around in a tizzy and hugging Christoffer good-bye. The last part was the hardest.

Sweden is showing its wintery best today with blue skies over glistening white snow. I'm ok with not seeing any more of it until November, though :)

The good news is that I can blog from my phone! The bad news is that it takes forever. Meaning that I don't have the energy to write any more atm. I'm going to start reading my book, looking out over the countryside and finally, finally, finally celebrate being finished with vet school and on vacation.


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In preparation

sunny -15 °C

Well.. I should really be packing. But what is a blog without any entries?

Yesterday evening I got back to Gothenburg from an amazing weekend. Graduation. Wow. I felt like a princess. And the best part? My "Monday-morning-back-to-Reality" reveals the reality of a dream come true - Asia's and my journey to South America for 4 months!

I'm not sure what my ambitions with this blog are - Mostly to keep family and friends somewhat updated, and, hopefully, to have something to look back to and read when I start getting old and forgetting the details (about 6 months from now.. ;) )

Ok. Well. I should really be packing. Or planning. Or both. Probably planning before packing would be better.

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